Terms & Conditions

skilora.com is intended only to serve as a preliminary medium of contact and exchange of information for its users / members / visitors who have a bona fide intention to contact and/or be contacted for the purposes related to genuine existing job vacancies and for other career enhancement services.

  • Introduction
  • Scope and features of services
  • Registering for an account
  • Fees, payment & renewal and refunds
  • Users rights and permissible use
  • Terms, termination and opting out
  • Third party services
  • Data protection and services
  • Intellectual property and proprietary rights
  • Confidentiality
  • Limitations of Liability
  • Disclaimers of Warranties
  • Indemnity
  • Governing laws and jurisdiction
  • Miscellaneous
  • Additional terms for consultative service.
1. Agreement

These “terms of use“ is a binding contract between SKIOLRA INNOVATIONS PVT. LTD. Having our principal place of business at Kochi (Kerala) India and you (a user of the services in any of the following capacities)

  • Employer (being a person who is interested in recruitment related services refer as recruiter)
  • Professional (being a person who is jobseeker refer to a candidate)
  • User (being a person interested in any services offered by Skilora includes recruiter and candidates)

This contract applies to the services, being professional resume management, word document, recruitment management, employer branding, job advertisement, job application and any other services that user may avail through the following channels:

  • SKILORA web platform, tools and services accessible via the same
  • Website- www.skilora.com
  • SKILORA mobile application
  • Our service for configuration, setup and training
  • Customer care services of SKILORA

Please read these terms very carefully before using our services. By registering for accessing or using SKILORA or any of our services you warrant and represent that you are authorised by the user and have the full capacity to enter this term on behalf of the user. If you do not agree to these terms, then you may not access or use our website, mobile app or any services available through the same.

Scope of the services and features
1. As an employer
  • In consideration for the payment of the fees. SKILORA shall provide the users with the services and features as described herein and on the website, which permits the user to connect, screen, track candidates and manage its own hiring process and provide the facility of storing the user’s recruitment data. Such features would typically include but not limited to create and publish job openings, view candidate’s profiles, post the published job opening on job boards. Compare candidate profiles; communicate with the shortlisted candidates throughout the hiring process, Collaborate with the users of SKILORA, search Candidates from the database using Candidate Discover feature.
  • Subscription plans (detailed on the website and the user has voluntarily subscribed to) limit the number and extent of features and services available to the users.
  • Free trial subscriptions- Users may be granted a limited access to SKILORA at no cost, solely for the purpose of offering a preview of the features and services available through SKILORA. The free trial subscriptions plan can be converted to any paid subscriptions plan upon payment of fees. At the completion of the free trial continued access to SKILORA and the services will be subject to payment of fees. SKILORA is under no obligation to return any data entered into or generated through SKILORA to the user.
2. As a Professional
  • SKILORA provides the professional services and features described herein and, on the website, which permit the candidate to create and post profiles, connect and apply for the jobs posted by the users, communicate and collaborate with other users of SKILORA.
  • On registration you agree to:
    a) Making your resume searchable to companies or recruiters as registered SKILORA user who have access to Candidate Discover(a SKILORA feature to search candidates based on the skills). You may be contacted by the recruiters or companies via email, telephone and/or post. If you wish to modify this setting and make yourself non-searchable, you may reset this in your Profile Settings section. We recommend that you read the privacy settings carefully and SKILORA will not be held responsible for contacts/mails received by you.
    b) Receive job alerts (mails detailing jobs that match your profile as entered on SKILORA) via email. You may remove yourself from the job alert email database by resetting this option in the your Profile settings section.
    c) Receive promotional mailers/ special offers. You may remove yourself from the promotional mailer email database by resetting this option on your Profile Settings. All the data collected from the users would be used only for recruitment purposes. Please be aware of fraud job offers asking for any kind of payments. SKILORA would not be held responsible for any fraud job offers or scams.
  • You (candidate) understand and agree that neither SKILORA is liable nor offers any guarantee nor warranties that there would be a satisfactory outcome or any outcome at all in the nature of an invitation to interview or job offer by reason of uploading your resume in the services.
3. Usage
  • SKILORA may from time to time add, modify or suspend (temporarily or permanently) the provision of the services upon notice to the user in the manner herein mentioned. SKILORA has sole and complete discretion to modify the subscription plans as and when it deems fit. Any changes in the modification in the services or subscription plans shall be intimated to the users in accordance with these terms. By continuing to access or use the service after receiving such notice, you agree to be bound by the revised terms.
  • Both parties SKILORA and the users are independent contractor and nothing in these terms is intended to or shall be deemed to establish any partnership, joint venture, appoint either party as agent of the other, nor authorise either party to make or enter into any commitments for or on behalf of SKILORA. SKILORA obligations shall be limited only to the provisions of the services.
Registering for an account
1. User account, verification and profiles
  • In order to create user account, you must enter a genuine email id, cell number and other requested details. You guarantee that the details entered by you are true and valid.
  • Your user account belongs to you. However if the services were purchased by another party for you to use, the party paying for such services has the right to control the access to and get reports on your use of such paid services however they do not have rights to your personal account.
  • SKILORA shall conduct a brief verification of the details entered by you to confirm their validity. In case of suspects that any details entered by you are not genuine or you have created false account, SKILORA shall delete, suspend and delete your user account along with any data in that account without refunds if any
  • Persons who are below 18 years are not eligible /permitted to use this service. SKILORA does not wish to create any legal relationship with a minor through these services and shall not incur any liability for violation by the user of this clause. By using this site, you guarantee that you possess the legal authority to create a binding legal obligation.
  • By signing up for creating a SKILORA user account, you warrant that you are authorised by the user/hiring company and are not already restricted by SKILORA or any other law or order in force from using the services.
2. Subscription plans
  • Subscription plans are monthly, quarterly or yearly plans designed by SKILORA. Subscription plans are subject to change at the discretion of SKILORA. Any such changes are notified on the services in accordance with these terms.
  • Subscription terms means
    In case of free trial The time period from the date on which the user registered for the free trial until the date of expiry of such free trial.
    In case of premium (Paid accounts) : The time period from the date on which the user registered and paid for the premium account until the date on which the user plan ends or when the plan is cancelled, whichever is earlier.
Fees, payments, renewal & refunds
1. Fee
  • Except in case of free trials, all amounts associated with the users account are due in full and payable in advance (in the beginning of the subscription terms) and in the manner described on the website. All such amounts are based on the subscription plan chosen by the users.
2. Payment Method
  • Fee may be paid by the users in various methods of payment provided by SKILORA through its services.
3. Refunds & Taxes
  • All fees paid by the user are non-refundable. Users acknowledge and agree that no refunds shall be paid on account of opting out, cancellation, non-use or partial use of services.
  • All amounts mentioned are exclusive of GST and other taxes. User is responsible for paying all the applicable taxes.
Users rights & permissible use
1. As an Employer/Recruiter
  • During the subscription term, user shall have the limited nonexclusive and revocable right to access and use of service for its internal business and hiring purpose. User shall be fully responsible for the use of service through user account by its representatives or any third parties. User shall also have a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive right to download, install and the use of SKILORA mobile application to access and the use the service. These rights have been conferred upon by SKILORA to the user subject to these terms.
  • The services shall be used only for real vacancies in real organization. Advertisement for fake jobs or collection of resumes for any other purpose than hiring for actual vacancies amount to violation of applicable laws and is prohibited under these terms.
  • Users should only use the services to fill the jobs at the company that they are authorised to hire for, as an employee or a hiring agent, recruitment agents who are not an employee of the company for which they wish to hire are required to disclose the same to the jobseekers.
  • User shall not operate a user account for which it does not have the legally authority. Violation of this clause shall warrant account deactivation or termination. No refunds will be given in such cases.
2. As a professional/candidate/jobseeker
  • During the subscription term, user shall have the limited nonexclusive and revocable right to access and use the service for the purpose of job seeking communicating with potential recruiters and collaborating with other users. User shall also have a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive right to download, install and the use of SKILORA mobile application to access and the use the service. These rights have been conferred upon by SKILORA to the user subject to these terms.
  • User shall create an account under his/her real name and provide a recent profile picture that is of his/her likeness alone. Use of any other profile pictures may lead to suspension of your account. User shall provide accurate data while signing up with SKILORA in accordance of the form layout.
  • The services allow messaging and sharing information in many ways. All information and content that user shares to posts may be seen by other users or public or by visitors. SKILORA provide the users the facility to change the settings and will make reasonable efforts to honour the choices user makes about.
  • SKILORA is not obligated to publish any information or content on its service and can remove it in its sole discretion, with or without notice.
  • User may not imply or state any endorsements or affiliation with SKILORA except as a user of SKILORA.
  • The services shall be used in compliance with all applicable laws including without limitation, all intellectual property laws as well as regulatory requirements. SKILORA may delete your content without assigning any reason, if it has reason to believe that these terms or any applicable laws have been violated by any action.
  • User is responsible for all the content uploaded within and the communications sent through its user account. Users agrees not to communicate any message or post of any content that is may be harmful to minors, libellous, constitute pornography, infringes intellectual property rights of any other party.
Terms, termination & opting out
1. Terms
  • All the terms and conditions in these terms shall begin and be in force (except the obligations pertaining to confidentiality, intellectual property rights and indemnity) till the expiration of the subscription term unless terminated earlier.
2. Termination
  • SKILORA may terminate or suspend the users account or ability to use the service, in whole or in part, at its sole discretion for any or and no reason and without notice or liability of any kind in cases such as violation of these terms. Any such suspension or termination could prevent the user from accessing the services and user content.
  • Any amount owed by either party to termination remains owed after termination.
3. Renewal
  • Upon the expiry of the current subscription term, the subscription plan shall renew automatically for a subscription term equivalent in the length. Users acknowledge and agree that unless the user terminate its user account/credit card will be charged automatically for the applicable fee. In case the user wishes to cancel the subscription plan, it should exercise the option through its users account or contact SKILORA before the renewal is performed. SKILORA should not provide any refunds if the user has not exercised its option to cancel the renewal.
4. Opting Out
  • Users may opt out of using this service and cancel its user account at any time, with or without cause and in such cases the user shall contact SKILORA through the support section of the websites. Users acknowledge and agree that no refunds shall be paid on account opting out, cancellation, non-use or partial use of services.
  • User should back up/export all its content before the termination of services or cancellation of its account. SKILORA shall neither be responsible for returning any of the user’s content nor be liable for any loss of data on such termination or cancellation of the users account in accordance with these terms.
Third party services
  • In order to give to its user’s better service SKILORA may partner with third party vendors to provide certain services such as eligibility test for candidates, background checks etc. SKILORA cannot and does not take any responsibility and does not make any warrant on behalf of such third-party services.
Data protection and services
  • The treatment of all personal information is governed by our private policy which is incorporated into these terms.
  • SKILORA shall act on the request of the user and fore with remove any logos/details displayed on the services. However, SKILORA shall not be responsible for removal of such details from third parties such as other jobs sites, Google search index etc.
Intellectual property & proprietary rights
  • Except for the rights mentioned herein all rights, title and interest in and all the trademarks, copyrights, inventions, trade secrets, domain name and any other intellectual property and/or propriety rights in or related to SKILORA web platform, mobile app or other services including the website and any part of it shall belong to and remain exclusively with SKILORA innovations Private Ltd.
  • SKILORA innovations Private Ltd. Is the owner or the licensee of any/all intellectual property rights into the website and the content or material published on it including but not limited to text, graphics, articles, photograph, illustration which works are protected by copyright laws. Users shall not use any part of such content for commercial purpose without our prior consent.
  • User shall abide by all copyright notices, trademark rules, information and restrictions contained in such content or data accessed through the services and shall not use, copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, distribute, perform, upload, display. License, sell or otherwise exploit for any purposes whatsoever any such content or other proprietary rights not owned by you without the express prior written consent of SKILORA
  • The product and services names and logos used to display on the service or website are registered or unregistered trademarks which are intellectual property that belongs to SKILORA and the user may only use such trademarks to identify itself as a user of the service which it has subscribed to.
  • SKILORA shall also have royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, sub-licensable, irrevocable and perpetual license to incorporate into the services or website or otherwise use any suggestion, enhancement requests, recommendations or other feedback that it receives from or on behalf of the user.
  • All information designated as ‘confidential’ that is disclosed by the user to SKILORA shall not be used or disclosed for any purpose outside the scope of these terms expect when required by the process of law or with the user’s prior permission.
  • Users agrees that SKILORA may disclose the information to its employees, consultants, agents or advisors who have strict need to know such information solely for the purpose of performing SKILORA obligations under these terms and only to those who are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of such information.
Limitation of liability
  • To the extent permitted by law, SKILORA expressly excludes all liability for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages however caused including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, goodwill or the intangible losses (even if SKILORA has been advised of the possibility of such damages including without limitation, loss of business, lost profits or revenues)
  • SKILORA has not be liable for any loss or injury to anyone resulting from unauthorised tampering, hacking or other unauthorized access of the services or user account.
  • SKILORA uses reasonable efforts to ensure that the services are always available. Users acknowledge that services interruptions may occur due to maintenance, upgrades and emergency repairs or due to failure of telecommunications links and equipment. User agrees that SKILORA will not be liable to itself or any other party for any loss caused in the events of such interruptions.
Disclaimer of warranties
  • SKILORA DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE INFORMATION AVAILABLE ON THE SERVICES IS FREE OF ERRORS. SKILORA generally does not review the content provided by its user (users or professional, employers) and the user personally liable for any information or content provided by them. By using the services users acknowledge that it may encounter content or information that might be inaccurate, incomplete, delayed misleading, illegal, offensive or otherwise harmful. User acknowledges and agrees that SKILORA is not responsible for any damages.
  • SKILORAS services are limited to displaying such professional/candidates from amongst those registered, that fits the requirements posted by the user. User acknowledges that this does not guarantee that it will find a suitable candidate or that candidate employed by the user through the services will be suitable for the vacancy and SKILORA disclaims all liability with regards to the same.
  • Similarly, SKILORA neither guarantees nor offers any warranty about the credentials or bona fide of the prospective employer which will view/download the content provided /fed by the candidate and will not be liable for the same.
  • The content on our website, mobile app or other services is provided for general information only and is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. No information or advice obtained by you form us or through the services or website shall create any warranty not expressly stated in these terms.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the user to check the authenticity of the communication received through its services from other users of SKILORA.
  • SKILORA does not warrant that the functions or features will be uninterrupted, secure or free of errors.
  • SKILORA does not guarantee that any defects will be corrected.
  • SKILORA does not warrant that the services or server(s) that makes the services available are free of viruses or other harmful components.
  • User agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SKILORA and its respective officers, directors, employees, members, shareholders or representatives from and against any claim or demand, liabilities, losses, actions, causes of action, costs and expenses including but not limited to attorney’s fees made by any third party in connection with or arising out of users use of the service or infringement of any intellectual property of another’s data in connection with the use of service. SKILORA reserves the right at our own expenses to assume the exclusive Défense and control of such disputes and in any event, user agrees to cooperate in asserting any available defences.
  • In no event will SKILORA have any obligations or liability under this section arising from:
    (1) use of this service in a modified form or in combinations with the materials not furnished by SKILORA or
    (2) Any content, information or data provided by users or other third parties.
Governing laws & jurisdiction
  • The jurisdiction of any action arising out of or under these terms shall lie exclusively with the courts of Kochi (Kerala, India).
  • The service is controlled and operated by SKILORA innovations Pvt. Ltd. From India and is not intended to subject SKILORA innovations Pvt. Ltd. To the laws or jurisdiction of any territory other than that of India.
  • SKILORA innovations Pvt. Ltd. Does not represent or warrant that the service or any part thereof is appropriate or available for use in any particular jurisdiction. Those who choose to access the service do so their own initiative and at their own risk, and are responsible for complying with all locals’ laws, rules and regulations.
1. Notices
  • Users agrees that we may provide notices to you as
    (1) A banner notice on the service
    (2) An email sent to the address provided by the user
    (3) Through other means including mobile number, telephone or mail.
    Users agrees to keep its contact information up to date and that SKILORA will not be liable for any action or damages that rise from incorrect or outdated information.
2. Modifications
  • Skilora may in its sole discretion revise these terms from time to time without prior notice in the interest of bettering and furthering of our services. The latest copy will always be available on our website and user will be responsible to keep informed of changes from time to time. If changes to these terms are made that in our sole discretion, we will notify you either by posting a notice of such changes and/or via the email associated with your account.
Complaints, Notices and Feedback
  • We respect the intellectual property rights of others and require that information posted by SKILORA be accurate and not in violation of the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties. If you find any user or content that is not accurate or truthful, you can email us any complaints on (email ID)
Additional terms for consultative service

SKILORA offers an optional “consultative service” (called as package)- an optional premium service for the purpose of identifying and locating the requisite talent and candidate for desirable posts as requested by the employers wanting to use this said services. If you are using these services, you agree to be bound by additional terms that will be shared with you separately.

Note: The terms in this agreement may be changed by SKILORA innovations Pvt. Ltd.at any time. SKILORA innovations Pvt. Ltd. is free to offer its services to any client/prospective client without restriction.